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Our elementary reading program provides a well rounded literature based and skill driven reading program. Through the use of anthologies and multiple copies of novels in a wide variety of genres, our students learn to construct meaning, connect with their experiences and reflect about what is read. Writing is an integral part of our reading program. It is viewed as a process with specific steps of development. The New York State Standards are reflected in all facets of instruction and expectations.

Our elementary reading program supports all students in their literacy growth and development. Our three certified reading specialists offer support to students and teachers in Stokes School using a push-in and pull-out model of instruction. Our reading teachers meet with parents and offer suggestions to strengthen the home-school connection.

Ms. Razzano, Sparke Reading Teacher
Mrs. McCusker, Sparke Reading Teacher
Mrs. Sultana, Stokes Reading Teacher  website
Mrs. Ritter, Stokes Reading Teacher
Mrs. Olszewski, Stokes Reading Teacher