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July 10, 2013


To the Parents and Families of Michael F. Stokes Elementary School:


I hope this letter finds you well into your summer activities. Whether you are heading off to camp, traveling, reading, working or just taking it day by day, I hope it is enjoyable and relaxing.  It is with a great sense of pride that I have been welcomed into your community as the Principal of Michael F. Stokes Elementary School. Throughout the interview process, I learned how valuable community and traditions are to the members of the Island Trees School District. I look forward to continuing those traditions and working collaboratively and as a community. I have spent time working with Dr. Murphy, Dr. Fisher, Mr. Harrington and the members of the Island Trees staff to ensure a seamless transition to a new school year.


With any change, there is always a sense of curiosity. I am curious about you and I am sure you have many questions for me. I come to you and your children with 16 years of experience in Oceanside School District. I have been immersed in current educational issues, best teacher practice and building social emotional relationships with our children. Bridging our schools and community together is a continuing goal that I intend to implement in Island Trees. I value your input in the educational process of your child in meeting his/her potential.


Although I have been welcomed by many, I officially start in Island Trees on 7/22.  I will be available during school hours if you would like to come by and say hello.  The PTA is graciously holding a “meet and greet” for me to meet you in August. A phone call will be coming your way with the details…


Wishing you happiness and enjoyment today and always,



Allison Ackerman


Michael F. Stokes Elementary School



Please share with your child by reading it together, to them or on their own:


My name is Mrs. Ackerman and I will be the new Principal at Stokes. Dr. Fisher and Mr. Harrington have told me all about the wonderful students that live in Island Trees. I am so excited to meet you! I am looking forward to getting to know you and for you to get to know me. Here are some things to get us started...I love hearts and butterflies. I love watching sports. Some of my favorites are baseball, hockey and football (you will have to wait to hear my favorite teams). I love to read (of course!) and I look forward to sharing some of my special favorites with you.  See you in the days to come….