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All of our students in Grade two through grade four attend classes in the computer lab at least once a week.  Our students work on activities in math, language arts, reading, social studies and science from our networked programs or from the Internet.  Some of our classes may utilized the lab more than once a week for their writing or research projects.

Our computer lab has 30 computers available for use.  A Promethean Board are used for all of the classes in the computer lab. Promethean Interactive boards are available and Computers are also in each of the classrooms.  All of our computers in the lab and classrooms have Windows 7 operating systems and are networked to a Windows 2008 server domain.  All computers have fast access to the Internet. Our library has 30 Google Chromebooks with an Eno Board.

Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
GR 2 Fav. GR 3 Fav. GR 4 Fav.
GR 2 Lang. Arts GR 3 Math GR 4 Math
GR 2 Math GR 3 Animals GR 4 Science
GR 2 Science Anim. GR 3 Teacher Projects GR 4 McGraw-Hill
GR 2 Teacher Proj.