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Third Grade Web Sites
Animals & Animal Adaptations
Animals, Insects, etc. Links
Animal Adaptations - EcoKids
Animal Adaptations - E Safari
Animal Adaptations - Nature Works
Animal Adaptations - UEN
Animal Adaptations & Migration
Build Your Own Caterpillar

Plants & Plant Adaptations
Trees of Long Island
Adaptations Around the World
Match Label to Flower
Match Parts of a Flower
Plant Adaptation - Biology of Plants
Plant Facts - Biodiversity
Plants Facts - Matching Game
Plant Growth Activity
Plant Life Cycle Activity
Plant Life Activity
Plants - Urbanext
Photosynthesis - FT Exploring
Photosynthesis, Pollinate, Germinate

Climate & Weather
Climate Facts
Cloud - Identify Types
Cloud & Precipitation - Types
Cool Clouds For Kids
Weather - BBC
Weather and Climate - Weather Eye
Weather, Climate, Clouds, etc.

Forces of Nature & Land Forms
Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes
Valleys, Plateaus, Mountains, etc.
Make Your Own Earthquake
Passport to the Rain Forest
Plate Teutonics - ETE
Plate Teutonics & Volcanoes
Volcanoes Observatory
Volcanoes - FEMA For Kids
Volcanoes- USGS
Volcanoes - How They Work

Human Body
Blood Circulation Movie
Body Book - ABC Teach
Human Body - Apples4theteacher
Kids Health for Kids - My Body, Senses
Match Label to Respiratory System

Ben Franklin - Franklin Institute
Electricity - Electrical Circuits, etc.
Electricity - Energy Facts & Games
Electricity -a Complete Circuit
Electricity - Slide Show - Circuits
Energy Quest - Electricity, Circuits

Three States of Matter
What Is Matter?

Space and Astronomy
Astronomy - Solar System,Planets
Solar System - Smithsonian Video
Space Photos - NASA
Our Ecosystems
Build a Prairie - Bell Museum
Changes in Ecosystems - links
Earth's Biomes - Prentice Hall
Endangered Animals & Habitats
Exploring Ecosystems - Harcourt
Kids Do Ecology - NCEAS
Our Coral Reefs - Harcourt School
Rain Forest
Water Shed Game - Bell Museum

Rocks & Minerals
How Rocks Are Formed
Identify Rocks & Minerals
Minerals & Gemstones A-Z
Minerals - Identify Minerals
Rock Cycle, Erosion, Weathering
Rock Cycle - ETE
Rockhounds - Rock Creations
Rocks & Minerals - Smithsonian
Rocks For Kids
Rock Slide Show-Science Netlinks

Simple Machines
Battleship - Simple Machines
Simple Machines - All Types
Simple Machines - Thinkquest
Simple Machines - Edheads
Simple Machines Game - Harcourt
Simple Machines - Scholastic
Levers & Pulleys Fun

Buoyancy Basics
Buoyancy - BrainPop

Water and The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle - BBC
The Water Cycle - ETE
"> The Water Cycle - Interactive
The Water Cycle - KidZone
Water & Evaporation - Fossweb

Food & Food Chains
Build a Food Chain
Build a Food Web
Food Chains - Thinkquest
Food Chains - Zephyrus
Food Chains & Habitats
Food - Nutrition - Kids Health
Fun With Food Web - Harcourt
Mission Nutrition
Nutrition - What's For Dinner
Nutrition Webquest

Other Science
Binatech Science Links
Census Ed.

All About the Water Cycle

NOTE TO PARENTS: We have provided websites for you and to assist your child in conducting research on the web. Please take note that because of the nature of the Internet, and the World Wide Web in particular, it is still possible to access a series of links that may take one to almost anywhere. In other words, in spite of our efforts to supply appropriate material and links on our website, parents should supervise their children while they surf the Web.

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