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How Do I Become a MemberRequirements




      American Diabetes Association:  Step Out-Walk to Fight Diabetes


Here’s an opportunity for you to earn 8 service points for NJHS.  Join Mrs. Nieves for the walk to help stop diabetes.



When: Sunday, September  28, 2014                                             


Where: Jones Beach (field #1)                              


Meeting Time:  Between 9:00 and 9:30am

The walk begins at 10am and should end around 11:30pm.  



In order to maintain active membership in the Island Trees National Junior Society, you are required to attain 25 school service points during the year. By walking with me at the Step Out-Walk to Fight Diabetes and collecting donations, you can earn 8 service points.


Visit the walk’s website at: stepout.diabetes.org. Once at the site, you can register your name under our team name: Island Trees Honor Society. There is no cost to register. You will then be sent information regarding the walk. There are also directions to create your own web page to collect donations electronically.


While at the walk, there will be snacks and drinks, live music, health information areas and many more activities. Your parents and family members are welcome to join us on our walk.    


**For those that cannot walk but would like to collect donations (a minimum of $20) you can earn three (3) service points.**


We will be having our first NJHS meeting on Tuesday, September 9 after school in room 142.

At that meeting, there will be more information regarding the walk. You will also be given a collection envelope for any cash or check donations (payable to: American Diabetes Association) from family and friends. Please make sure you listen for announcements for the exact time and day of our meeting.


If you have any questions, please can contact me at dnieves@islandtrees.org .


Enjoy your summer!        Mrs. Nieves

We look forward to seeing all of you in Mrs. Nieves’s room 142.

Questions? Please contact one of us at:

dnieves@islandtrees.org                       or



Mrs. Harouche and Mrs. Nieves