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Internet Use Policy & Safety
The Island Trees School District understands the risks associated with the Internet. Most experiences we have on the Internet are positive but, like most endeavors, there are risks. Students can benefit a great deal from their online experiences, but they may also access inappropriate materials; become victims of exploitation or crime; or become targets of harassment, bullying or other offensive behaviors.

Children and teenagers need parental and other adult supervision and common sense advice on how to insure that their experiences in "cyberspace" are constructive and enjoyable.

We can all be a part of helping our students become "street smart" on the Internet!

Programs already in place at Island Trees.

Internet Safety/Cyberbullying Committee


Bully Proofing Committee

Get A Voice

Discipline Committee & Code of Conduct

Internet Safety - I-SAFE

Top 5 Internet dangers: 1. Data theft  2. Malicious software  3. Inappropriate content  4. Cyberbullying  5. Predators  
Click a link below to learn more about Internet Safety!
Chatting with Kids About Being Online

The Board of Education has also adopted policies regarding computer and Internet use within the District.
Students must have a signed Internet Use Policy to receive access to the computer network.

Click anyone of the links below to access our Policies. These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
District Internet Policy
Click here to download Acrobat.
Grades K-4 AUP Agreement
Grades 5-12 Internet Agreement
Board of Education District Policies regarding computer use (pages 54 thru 69)

Other Resources
  • an interactive game that teaches internet safety to children in a fun way. The adventures will show how to stay safe instead of reading a page of text on the topic.

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