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The Island Trees Memorial Middle School Student Support Center seeks to promote academic excellence, social skills development, self esteem, psychological and personal growth. The Student Support Center strives to build a solid base while unlocking the potential for students in order to insure success, both present and future.

Our school counselors work with administration, staff members, parents and students in many ways through our comprehensive developmental counseling program. Each service is aimed at helping children learn and develop to their highest potential. Our goal is to provide opportunities to promote "excellence and success for all students."


If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to call or set up an appointment to see us. The number is 520-2169.



Mrs. A. Hoffman, School Counselor Bio e-mail A - K
Mrs. J. Tepper, School Counselor Bio e-mail L - Z
Dr. M. Leone, School Psychologist Bio e-mail  
Dr. M. Perlotto, School Psychologist Bio e-mail