Internet Safety Sites for Parents


Describes types of risks faced by Web users, commercial software available to help supervise Internet use, and steps to take if online trouble is encountered
Links lead to similar resources

i-SAFE America

Brings Internet Safety Education and prevention-oriented awareness to students
Publishes The i-Buddy Times for elementary students and The i-SAFE Times for older students and parents. They can be found on the i-SAFE website.

The Parent's Guide to the Internet

From the U. S. Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement
Outlines the nature of benefits of the Information Superhighway, emphasizing what the Internet has to offer
How to get started on the Internet and what to do to make certain that cyberspace is safe

The Police Notebook: Safety on the Internet

Includes articles, commonsense tips and a slide-show presentation about Internet safety

Safe Kids

Family's guide to making the Internet and technology fun, safe, and productive
Rules, advice, and tips relating to child safety and the web

Yahooligans! Parents' Guide: Safe Surfing with Your Family

Advice for families about the world of online communications
Suggestions what to do when accessing inappropriate material online
The Savvy Surfing Quiz covers all the basic Internet ground rules

DISCLAIMER: The Internet search engines that we have provided are considered safe for kids. They are a gateway to information resources and while we have chosen sites that we feel offer good, reliable information, the Island Trees School District is not responsible for the content provided on these sites.

REMINDER: Do not send any personal information (your name, address, telephone number, email address etc.) to a website without first asking your parents.

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