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Below is a list of our after-school club and activity programs with the club advisor and the day of the week the club meets:



CLUB                                        ADVISOR                                TIME AND PLACE

Arts & Crafts ~ All Grades                                      Mrs. Triolo/Mrs. Clarke                             Tuesdays – Listen For Announcements

Band 5

Ms. Vasco

Tuesdays & Thursdays Rm 101  7:30am

Band 6

Ms. Vasco

Mondays  & Wednesdays Rm 101 7;30am

Band 7/8

Mr. Ingenito

Everyday (bandroom)

Blues 7/8

Brave Girls Leadership

Mr. Ingenito

Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Firmbach

& Mrs.  Mazzo

Wednesday 7:30am Rm 102

Rm 126 – Thursdays – 2:45 – 3:15

Bulldog Jr. ~ All Grades

Ms.  Citrano

Every other Tuesday  Rm 157 until 3:15


Mrs. Cohen

Listen for Announcements

Chorus 5

Ms. Wilson

Mondays GPR   7:30 am

Chorus 6

Ms. Wilson

Tuesdays GPR  7:30 a m

Chess Club – All Grades

Mr. Spuches

Thursday 2:35-3:35 Rm 227 &

 Friday 7:30 – 8:00 Rm 227

Computers 5/6

Mrs. Mazzo

Wednesdays until 3:15 Listen for dates

Computers 7/8

Ms. Martin

Listen for Announcements

Dance For Your Health ~ All Grades           

Mrs. Gonzalez

Thursday until 3:20 Rm 143

Drama Club ~ 5th & 6th

Ms. DiCamillo/Mr Cohen

Listen for Announcements – Ends Nov.

Drama Club ~ 7th & 8th

Mrs. McGrory/ Ms Stehl/Mrs  McNally       

Listen for Announcements- Nov – Feb.

FCCLA ~ All Grades

Ms. Bunster/Ms. Purrman

Tuesday Rm 161 until 3:45

Friends of the Environment ~ All Grades

Mr. Flynn

Every other Week starts 9-28 (Thursday)

Friends of Rachel

Mrs. Friedman/Mrs Villano/Dr. Perlotto/Ms. Steel                                     

All Grades – Listen for Announcements

Homework Club

Ms. Siniscalchi/Mrs Anderson

Mon – Thurs until 3:30 Rm 180

Internet Club ~ All Grades

Ms. Martin

Listen for Announcements

Jazz Band 5/6

Ms. Vasco

Fridays Rm 102 7:30 am

Jazz Band 7/8

Mr. Ingenito

Tuesdays 7:30AM Rm 102


Ms.  Rich

Listen for Announcements

Math Olympiad ~ All Grades

Ms. Gustafson

Mondays  2:40pm Rm 222

National Junior Honor Society

(Grade 8 – By Selection)

Ms. Harouche

Ms. Nieves                                                              

Listen For Announcements- Schedule online

Orchestra 5/6

Ms. Marcus

5th Gr Tues. &  6th  Gr. Wed.  7:30AM Rm 184

Orchestra 7/8

Ms Mcgrory

As Needed - Concerts

SADD Club ~ All Grades

Ms. Citrano

Mondays- Rm 157 Listen for Announcements

Science Olympiad

Mr Wagner/Mr Cava

Tuesdays & Thursdays until 3:45

Select Choir 7/8

Ms. Wilson

Thursdays GPR Stage 7:30am

Scrapbook Club ~ All Grades

Mrs Benjamin/Mrs.Connolly

Mondays Rm 151


Ms. Azar/Ms Aponte

Starts Oct 2 – Nov 3rd mon – Thurs 2:45-3:45

Steam Club Grade 5

Mr. Cava

Listen for Announcements

Steam Club Grade 6

Mr. Cava

Listen for Announcements

Student Leaders

Ms Azar/Ms Aponte

Listen for Announcements

Talent Show 5/6

Ms. Vasco

3/22 Dress Rehearsal 3/24 Show (GPR)

Talent Show 7/8

Mr. Ingenito

To be Announced

Yearbook Club ~ All Grades

Math Lab ~~ Gr 5/6   Monday & Tuesday PM

                     Gr 7/8   Monday & Thursday   PM 

Ms. Martin/Mr. Gonzalez

Ms. Marie Esposito Rm 224

Ms. Kim McNamara Rm 226        



 Computer Lab


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