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Below is a list of our after-school club and activity programs with the club advisor and the day of the week the club meets:



 CLUB                                        ADVISOR                         TIME AND PLACE


 Arts & Crafts                                                             Justine Gonzalez                 Every other Tues. Rm 143 until 3:20

Band 5

Ms Vasco

Tuesdays & Thursdays Rm 101  7:30am

Blues 7 and 8

James Ingenito

Wednesday 7:30am Rm 101

Bulldog Jr.

Lindsay Cain

Listen for Announcements

Chorus 5

Brianna  Delach

Mondays GPR   7:30 am

Chorus 6

Brianna Delach

Tuesdays GPR  7:30 a

Computers 5/6

Nicole Mazzo

Starts November Listen for Announcements

Computers 7/8

Maureen Martin

Listen for Announcements

Creative Writing Workshop

Kelly Chios

 Mondays  Room 159

Dance For Your Health


Thursdays Rm 143 until 3:15

Drama Club

Ms McGrory/Ms McNally

To be announced


Samantha Bunster

Listen for Announcements-Spring Club

Friends of the Environment Club

Brian Flynn

Wednesdays-Monthly- Announcements

Homework Club

Pam Siniscalchi

Eileen Anderson

Monday thru Thursday

Room 180 until 3:30

Internet Club

Maureen Martin

Listen for Announcements

Jazz Band 5/6

Gloria Vasco

Fridays GPR 7:30 am

Jazz Band 7/8

James Ingenito

Tuesdays 7:30AM Rm 101

Lego League

Dan Cava                                         

Listen for Announcements

Math Olympiad

Ozlum Artukmak

Listen for Announcements

Mural Club

Marlene Camisa

Listen for Announcements

National Junior Honor Society

(Grade 8 – By Selection)

Holly Harouche

Deborah Nieves                    

Listen For Announcements

Orchestra 5/6

Barbara Rochon

5th Tues./ 6th Wed.  7:30AM


Lindsay Cain

Mondays- Listen for Announcements

Science Olympiad

Gregory Wagner

Dan Cava

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Listen for Announcements for Start Date

Select Choir 7/8

J. Peter Hansen

Thursdays GPR Stage 7:30am

Scrapbook Club

Betsy Lashin

Monthly – Mondays until 4:00 Rm 206


Amanda Steele

Danielle Azar

Listen for Announcements

Student Council

Danielle Azar

Amanda Steele

Listen for Announcements

Student Leaders

Danielle Azar

Amanda Steele

Listen for Announcements

Yearbook Club

Maureen Martin

To be Announced


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