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On this page, you will find many useful links to Search Engines, Subject Directories, and Meta Search Engines. Please open links to search.

Search Engines allow users to search, identify and retrieve specific information by using key words or a search criteria that is entered such as phrases or Boolean logic.

Subject Directories include human-selected Internet resources and are arranged and classified in hierarchical topics. Organization of Internet sites is by subject and is usually maintained by humans instead of software. The searcher looks at sites organized in a series of categories and menus. In Yahoo and Google, try adding the terms web directories to your subject keyword term, example: civil war web directories.

Meta-Search Engines transmits your search simultaneously to several individual search engines and their databases of web pages. Within a few seconds, you get back results from all the search engines queried. They Utilize information from other Search Engines to get its listings rather than through its own efforts. Run a single search and it searches major search engine's databases on the web and gives you the best results.

There are a number of Web portal sites that offer both the search engine and directory approaches to finding information such as Yahoo, which is the most widely used directory on the web.

NOTE: Ipl is the Internet Public Library. lii is the Librarian's Internet Index (web sites that you can trust.) vlib is the virtual library. You may need the www in front of some of the search engines listed.

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