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        Battleground Business, 2007

        Icons of Business, 2006

        Google, 2008

        Harley-Davidson, 2008

        Toyota, 2008






    Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America 4v, 2001













    Children's Favorite Authors and Illustrators 2nd ed. 8v, 2007

    Literary Themes for Students

       American Dream

       Race and Prejudice

       War and Peace

    Literature & Its Times Supplement1: Profiles of 300 Notable Literary Works
        and the Historical Events that Influenced Them, 2v, 2003
    Poetry for Students, 1-16 16v, 2002
        Poetry for Students Vol. 17
        Poetry for Students Vol. 18
        Poetry for Students Vol. 19
        Poetry for Students Vol. 20
        Poetry for Students Vol. 21
        Poetry for Students Vol. 22
        Poetry for Students Vol. 23
        Poetry for Students Vol. 24
        Poetry for Students Vol. 25

Shakespeare for Students:  Critical Interpretations of

Shakespeare's Plays and Poetry, 2nd ed., 3V, 2007  

   Short Stories for Students, 1-16 16v, 2002         

        Short Stories for Students, 1-16 16v, 2002
        Short Stories for Students Vol. 17
        Short Stories for Students Vol. 18
        Short Stories for Students Vol. 19
        Short Stories for Students Vol. 20
        Short Stories for Students Vol. 21

**See: http://ebooks.greenwood.com

         Family Life in the Age of Shakespeare, 2008

         Religion in the Age of Shakespeare, 2007

 **See: http://ebooks.infobasepublishing.com

                       Bloom’s Major Dramatists

                        Bloom’s Major Novelists

                        Bloom’s Major Poets

                        Bloom’s Major Short Story Writers

    World Religions 2004

    World Religions Reference Library, 2007

    Chemical Compounds 3v, 2006
    Chemical Elements: From Carbon to Krypton 3v, 2006


Ancient Europe, 8000 B.C. to A.D. 1000:  An Encyclopedia of the

     Barbarian World, 2004

     Crusades Reference Library, 2005

     Elizabethan World Reference Library, 2007

Development of the Industrial United States 4v, 2006
    Gilded Age and Progressive Era Reference Library 4v, 2007
    Great Depression and the New Deal Library 4v, 2003
    History Events for Students: The Great Depression 3v, 2002
    Presidents: A Reference Library 3rd ed., 2002
    Reconstruction Era Reference Library 4v, 2005
    Roaring Twenties Reference Library 2v, 2006

**See: http://ebooks.abc-clio.com

     Industrial Revolution in America ; Automobiles, Mining and Petroleum, 2006

     Industrial Revolution in America ; Communications, Agriculture and Meatpacking,

                                                               Overview/Comparison, 2007

     Industrial Revolution in America : Iron and Steel, Railroads, Steam Shipping, 2005


    Encyclopedia of Third Parties in America 3v, 2000
    Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America 4v, 2005

    Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students 4v, 2004
    World Religions 2004

**See: http://ebooks.greenwood.com

    Iran Today 2v : An Encyclopedia of Life in the Islamic Republic, 2008

    Daily Life through History in Primary Documents (Three Volumes)

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