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Island Trees Students Visit Caumsett State Park

On Wednesday, May 9th students in Mr. Vinberg's Earth science classes made their annual trip to Caumsett State Park in Lloyd Harbor New York.  The day started out at the summer cottage houses home of the Nassau BOCES Outdoor and Environmental Education Program. Students trailed through the Historic State Park and were able to explore many of the Earth Science topics that they studied in class. The class collected various rocks and minerals and identified them based on their observable characteristics. They observed the magnetic minerals in the beach sand left over from coastal weathering erosion. Many of the groups saw firsthand how the beaches of the North Shore of Long Island are vastly different from the South Shore. The groups looked for glacial geological evidence and saw the unsorted sediment deposits and large glacial boulders left over from the last ice age. Some of the groups saw some coastal creatures such as horseshoe crabs, slipper snails, and jelly fish. It was a beautiful, sunny day to bring the classroom outdoors to study the natural formation of our home of Long Island. 




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