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    Island Trees Continues to "Go Green" with

        Environmental and Recycling Awareness  

    As a result of collecting, sorting, and redeeming about 4,000 water bottles for the "Nickels for Nature" campaign, the Friends of the Environment Club and Girl Scout Troop 3109 were able to raise funds to help beautify the IT Memorial Middle School grounds. In addition, the Girl Scouts implemented a project to raise recycling awareness in our community. They put forth a tremendous effort and have successfully provided recycling bins for both paper and plastic for all classrooms that did not have the necessary bins.

  This "green team" recently planted flowers at the ITMMS entrance as well as a River Birch tree in the front of our school at the site of the envisioned Greenkill Garden. Students learned that this particular tree species is a cultivar, or modified version, of a native River Birch tree. This cultivar, created by horticulturists, is drought- tolerant, and is less susceptible to diseases or pests.  Last year, The Friends of the Environment Club planted a Blue Spruce tree with funds raised from an amazing 5,000 bottle redemption effort with the "Nickels for Nature" campaign.

  We'd like to thank all of our staff and students, as well as the PTSA, who have helped contribute to this awesome effort.

              Mr. Flynn - 6th Grade Teacher - Island Trees Memorial Middle School








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