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IT Students Day of CYBER


For almost two decades, Nassau Community College hosts the Yes 2 Mathematics (Y2M) program  to help high school student see the applications of Mathematics in the real world.

This years Y2M theme was Cybersecurity and Data Analysis.  For half the day, the group of high school students had an opportunity to participate in the NSA's Day of Cyber.  During this workshop, different STEM careers within the field of cybersecurity were discussed. Students had a chance to live a day in the life of a NSA agent.  

The other half of the day was spent attending seminars connecting data analysis to marathon training,  online payment systems, and biometric data. Midway through the day, all students participated in a 30 minute math contest assessing all levels of mathematics.  Island Trees students had an opportunity to work cooperatively with students from Bethpage and Connetquot school districts.

Congrats to Robert Ragusa (11th grade) and Chris Huang (9th grade) who won silver this year.  

Mrs. Federico & Mr. Romero

High School Mathematics Department





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