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The High School Physical Education Department has introduced new curriculum and integrated technology to encourage life long physical activity and healthy pursuits.  
Physical Education students are now able to view curriculum information and online PE resources by joining our newly created "Physical Education Google Classroom".  Additionally, they have been able to participate in new activities with the introduction of Bowling and Yoga into the PE curriculum. During the Bowling unit, students learned how to manually keep score, as well as use a website link for online scoring, via their Chromebooks. During the Yoga Unit, students were introduced to the many techniques and benefits that Yoga offers to participants.  With a focus on stress reduction and mindfulness exercises, Island Trees High School students can apply these healthy strategies in classrooms beyond the gymnasium as well as in their daily lives outside of school.
Kudos to our Physical Education Department for seeking and implementing new activities intended to nurture healthy, physically active lifestyles amongst our students.

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