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Otherwise Known as Another Great Day at Stokes!

Stokes students were treated to a live performance of the Judy Blume book Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great complete with live actors, music, and a full moving set. Performed by the National Touring Theatre Group ArtsPower, the students followed the story of Sheila Tubman's summer vacation where she overcomes her fear of swimming and dogs all while making a new friend.

Student members of the third grade Readers Theatre Club were chosen to introduce both performances and rewarded with a Q&A session with the cast. Members prepared questions about performing and were able to connect their work in Ms. Sultana's Club with real life performing. They discussed how to get into character, those quick costume changes, and how to memorize all those lines!

Many thanks to the Island Trees Library Department for providing this wonderful literature base performance. The students gave it five stars!



ISLAND TREES U.F.S.D. | 74 Farmedge Road | Levittown | NY | 11756