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ITHS AP Music Theory and Music Technology Music Students Video Conference with Emily Warren, Singer/Multiplatinum Songwriter for The Chainsmokers

The music department gives extra special thanks to Mrs. Lisa Marshall for bringing to our attention an opportunity to attend a New York State Distance Learning Consortium Career Conversation Video Conference with Singer and Multi-Platinum songwriter Emily Warren, who is currently on tour and writes and records songs for The Chainsmokers, including the song "Don't Let Me Down." In addition to The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren has written songs for performing artists such as: Frenship, Sean Paul, Melanie Martinez, and Shawn Mendez. At the video conference, our AP Music Theory and Music Technology students, as well as other music students from around the country could enter questions they had for Ms. Warren through an interactive site which allowed questions to be typed in for the interviewer to read to Ms. Warren. As so many school districts participated, only a few districts were chosen for a skype interactive participation, but all of our students' questions for the view-only connection were answered in detail by Ms. Warren. Questions were asked such as how to compose in various styles to work with the artists she was writing for, having artists try something different than the styles they are used to, her early musical training and experiences, and how to get through writers block. The insight students received about writing music, the music business, being a music performer, and if you "find something you love and can't live without" answers the question about what you should pursue in your life, were invaluable.

Thank you to Mrs. Marcus, who couldn't be there due to having a performance with her 5/6 Orchestra at the very same time as the live video conference, for letting us borrow her AP Music Theory and Music Technology classes to experience this video conference, as they have been learning to compose music through these classes, and are among our top music students at the high school.

Mrs. Marshall was instrumental in planning this video conference, setting up the video conference room and guiding the students through the entire process. We thank Mrs. Marshall for bringing us this incredible experience and for all of the information she brings to not only our department, but for the entire school district as well!

Submitted by: Susan Oliveto, Music Department Chairperson










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