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A Very Special Gift

It is widely understood that teachers have a very significant, lifelong impact on their students; less considered is a student's impact on his or her teacher, which can be equally profound.  It is with this is mind that our very own special education teacher, Diane Castellano, responded to the request from O, The Oprah Magazine, for readers to recall the most unforgettable presents they ever received.  Diane shared the moving story of a gift from a former student, and the December issue of O featured her story:


I'm a special ed teacher, and one year a boy in my fifth-grade class lost his mother in a car accident while the family was traveling. I had him again the next year in sixth grade. At Christmastime he saw the other students giving me gifts, so he came in with a two-liter bottle of ginger ale. He said he looked around his house and wanted to get me something special, and he knew I liked soda. I cried. This boy has now graduated, but I never forgot the gift he gave me. It was truly from the heart.


The memory of this gift has remained with Diane for many years  . . .  this young man is now 30 years old!   











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