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Island Trees Outdoor Club

"On a very chilly Saturday morning, the Island Trees Outdoor Club made the trek up to Harriman State Park and braved the elements (22 degrees) on a 7 mile adventure.  The hike took us on a 1.5 mile trip along the famous Appalachian Trail to Island Pond, where the kids got to take a snack/selfie break after ascending and then descending Green Mountain.  After a short break, the kids then hiked a half mile until they reached a bizarre rock formation known as the "lemon squeezer".  The kids took their time to enjoy this obstacle by climbing it!  After climbing Surebridge Mountain, we enjoyed lunch with wide open views to the west in a setting reminiscent of the Maine backwoods.  After lunch, we completed our journey with a brief pit stop to the abandoned Boston Mine, an iron mine last worked in the 1880's, and a scenic trip through the "valley of boulders" with two medium sized waterfalls.  This was no easy feat and the kids had a blast!  Special thanks to Mr. Vinberg, Ms. Lass, and all the parents who helped carpool! "


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