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CPR/AED Training: Real "Life" Saving Lessons!

Lessons that can save lives resound with importance in Mr. Bonsignore's health class. With the Bee Gees' hit "Staying Alive" playing in the background to set the rhythm for chest compressions, students engaged in hands-on training under their instructor's watchful eye. New York State has now mandated this life-saving instruction as a graduation requirement, and our students are the fortunate recipients.

In health class, students are taught the difference between cardiac arrest and heart attacks, in addition to learning how to handle various first aid scenarios.  With scenarios ranging from minor cuts and burns and illnesses to heat-related ailments and concussions, students are expected to be able to respond appropriately.

Mr. Bonsignore's detailed instruction includes state-mandated training requirements of basic first aid and hands-only CPR and AED use. In addition, students are taught the benefit of hands-only CPR as an alternative to traditional CPR training, enabling them to feel more confident in emergency situations. They also receive instruction about how to properly use an AED in combination with hands-only CPR and where they are located throughout the high school building and athletic fields. It was clear that students were already quite familiar with the information, just as they were confident during their demonstrations. During the session, it was evident that students were attentive to detail and collaborative in their approach as they worked in pairs with our district mannequins and AED training unit.

A great job by both Mr. Bonsignore and our students! It would make any Island Trees community member proud to see our students learn these life-saving lessons.


Submitted by Elizabeth Roemer, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction






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