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Sparke Boo-ti-ful pumpkins


The first grade students at J. Fred Sparke Elementary School enjoyed a "Boo-ti-ful Pumpkins" video conference.  Students shared pumpkin facts and learned about the parts of a pumpkin you can eat.  Students also learned the history of carving pumpkins in America.  Next, they listened to a story about seeds in a pumpkin.  Students discussed different ways to count seeds.  Some students suggested counting by fives or tens.  The words "estimate" and "circumference" were introduced, and the presenter measured the circumference of the pumpkin with a string.  Students estimated the number of pieces of licorice needed to measure the string.  This video conference emphasized the real world use of mathematics in a fun and educational way.  Thank you to Mrs. Marks and Mrs. FitzGerald for organizing this exciting learning experience!



Penny E. Fisher, Ed.D.




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