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Ethan Garcia Spends the Summer at Duke University

This past summer (the second in a row!), Ethan Garcia had the opportunity to be mentored by Peter Fecci, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Duke University.  In addition to being an Assistant Professor, Dr. Fecci is also the director of the Duke Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program.  Ethan had a unique experience working with Dr. Fecci.  Under Dr. Fecci's mentorship, Ethan participated in experiments involving T-Cell exhaustion - a revolutionary development that plays a crucial role in immunotherapy as a cure for cancer.  Ethan's duties included harvesting tumors from mice, working in the mouse house and processing the results.   Ethan had the opportunity at Duke University Hospital, to accompany Dr. Fecci and the medical students during patient examinations to assess and gather information on brain tumor symptomology.  Ethan attended meetings on brain tumor/cancer research and grant writing.  He also attended several presentations given by Neurosurgeon Fellows where he gained knowledge on the basics of neurosurgery, new developments in surgical techniques and tools, and patient testing. 


Ethan's love of science and passion for biology fuels his interest in brain tumor research.  Ethan is one of three students chosen this year to compete in the Brain Bee at Hofstra University!


We congratulate Ethan for his outstanding academic dedication! 


Submitted by Jodie Spinale, High School Science Coordinator




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