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Stokes Fire Safety Winners!


It's that time of year again! The Levittown Fire Department visited Michael F. Stokes to present their "Fire Safety" program and select winners for the Fire Safety Poster Contest. Our second and third graders all participated in drawing and creating amazing posters. Winners were chosen from each class as well as two overall grade winners. The overall grade level winners, Brayden O'Toole (2nd grade) and Abigail McCaskill (3rd grade) will be entered into the overall Levittown poster contest. Winners will be determined by the Levittown Fire Department. Congratulations to all the winners. Pictured are Amber Abilhomme, Casper Williams, Sophia  Spathis, Leah Spathis, Emily McCaskill, Jaclyn Frantzen, Alexis Apolinar, Claire Fick, Victoria, Lambriola, Brynn Ramsy, Brayden O'Toole, Art Teacher Mrs. Tracy Ingenito and Fire Safety Coordinator and Fireman Joel Bearman.





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