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Stokes 2nd grade Ambassadors

At the beginning of October, our new 2nd grade Ambassador program was started. Our Ambassador program teaches students responsible behavior on the playground as well as how to be a good friend. The pins that the Ambassadors wear state, "As an Ambassador, I will always include and help my fellow Stokes students." The students who are chosen by their teachers to be the ambassadors have displayed that they are ready for the job. With the Ambassador position changing every week, everyone student in the 2nd grade should get a chance to be an Ambassador. While they are wearing the big red pins, the other 2nd grade students know that those students are approachable and are accepting of all students on the playground. Check out some of our responsible Ambassadors!


Mrs. Justine Murtagh

School Counselor

Michael F. Stokes School




ISLAND TREES U.F.S.D. | 74 Farmedge Road | Levittown | NY | 11756