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Budding scientists, in Mrs. Mitchell's third grade classroom, had a chance to experience hands-on chemical reactions, while participating in a video conference with the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, located in Dayton, Ohio.

Students were able to use materials from a "Matter Box", sent by the museum, to combine solids, and liquids, creating gases and other changes in matter.  Wearing safety goggles, students used pipettes to add liquids to solids, which were safely placed in plastic zip lock bags.  Students were amazed when the bags inflated, as the liquids changed to gas.

Our scientists were able to ask and answer insightful questions, in real time, as well. 

This was an exciting day in which students were able to construct learning, and apply the concepts we have been studying in our science unit on matter!

Mrs. Mitchell

Third Grade Classroom Teacher

M.F. Stokes Elementary School


ISLAND TREES U.F.S.D. | 74 Farmedge Road | Levittown | NY | 11756