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Perpetual Motion Squad takes Second Place at the

Yale Physics Olympics


How much does an M&M weigh in units of elephants?  How many marshmallows would you have to burn in order to power the city of Las Vegas for a year?  These are just some examples of the challenging tasks our amazing students completed this weekend at the Yale Physics Olympics.  On Saturday, four of our physics students; Brienna Carter, Angelo Esposito, Liz Mullin and David Wendt, traveled to Yale University with Ms. Hastings and Ms. Spinale to represent Island Trees High School. Our team was faced with 5 obscure and thought-provoking tasks and had 45 minutes to complete each one.  Competition was fierce with 50 teams competing from the tri-state area.  New to this competition, we did not know what was in store for us, but in true Island Trees fashion, we held our own in each event.  The Perpetual Motion Squad ended up earning a silver medal, coming in second place overall! 


We congratulate our team for this outstanding academic performance at Yale University! 


Submitted by: Jodie Spinale High School Science Coordinator


Check out link for more information: http://jspinale.wixsite.com/research/pictures



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