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Fire Safety Week

The Levittown Fire Department visited the J. Fred Sparke School during Fire Prevention Week.  Students in kindergarten and first grade learned how to be "fire safe".  The boys and girls learned about escape plans, meeting places, smoke detectors and dialing 911 in an emergency.  They practiced the "stop, drop and roll" technique to quickly smother the flames on their clothing.  The children also learned about the apparatus found on a fire truck.  The Fire Safety Program educates the children in the steps to take in the event a fire occurs.  The Sparke boys and girls thank the firefighters who volunteered their time to teach them about fire safety.  


As part of the Fire Safety Program, the children created fire safety posters for the Levittown Fire Department Poster Contest.  All children participated during art class, with their teacher Mrs. Lapertosa.  Artwork by Claire Fick (Gr. 1) and Madison Teo (K) was submitted to the Fire Department.  Congratulations Claire and Madison!




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