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Teachers Training Teachers: AISM Direct

Last Thursday, our ITMMS AIS team traveled to ITHS to train their AIS team to create interventions and input comments on AISM Direct, a computer-based data system our district AIS providers use in their work with students.


Mrs. Michelle Clarke, Mrs. Holly Harouche, and Mrs. Ramona Triolo, also known as the mighty ITMMS AIS team, put their heads together to create wonderful user-friendly documents for their high school colleagues. As they sat, one-on-one with their high school colleagues to review the process, it was clear that both their expertise and careful attention to detail was greatly appreciated.


A special thank you to Mrs. Natalie McAuley, who is always there to help us create accounts, troubleshoot issues, and support us in every way.


To witness such collegial sharing is to experience the power of true professional spirit. How fortunate are we to have these outstanding teachers working with our middle and high school students each day.


Submitted by Elizabeth Roemer, Administrator for Educational Programs, Literacy, and Staff Development





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