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Go Math! 2015: Engaging Our Students for Success


This year, the Island Trees School District updated our K-6 Go Math! Program to the 2015 edition, which includes more student-friendly resources and digital offerings designed to engage student learning.


Mrs. Shawyn Jackson visited Island Trees over several days to review both print and digital improvements with Sparke, Stokes, and MMS staff. Excited to share some of the new features, Shawyn explained that "the 2015 iteration is even more instructionally-friendly and engaging and will help teachers greatly with their planning."


Some of the features are as follows:

       Student Edition Chapter Books: Write-in, interactive student books allow space to work out problems, include four page lessons to develop concepts, skills, and problem solving, and provides two pages of Practice/Homework and Spiral Review following each lesson

       Interactive Student Edition: Offers an interactive approach with embedded medial, videos, the e-glossary, iTools, assessment, intervention, and homework

       Math on the Spot Videos:  Lesson specific video tutorials offer an engaging view of instruction around the key lesson content and instructional model

       Personal Math Trainer: Creates a personalized learning path for each student, provides opportunities for practice, homework, and assessments, and includes worked-out examples and helpful video support


Our enthusiastic staff is eager to continue to explore these rich resources in the upcoming weeks to enrich their students' math experience.


Submitted by Elizabeth Roemer, Administrator for Educational Programs, Literacy, and Staff Development












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