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Levittown Youth Council Donation



Each summer the Island Trees Athletic Department offers a variety of sports programs to the children of our community.  This year, the activities started on June 27th and ran through August 12th.  Each activity provides an opportunity to sharpen skills, try something new and have fun while learning.  Fifteen different programs, including girls and boys basketball, baseball, and volleyball are instructed by Island Trees teachers and coaches with the assistance of Island Trees High School students.


The Levittown Youth Council is a not- for- profit organization that charges a nominal registration fee to pay salaries and run the programs.  When the programs are over and the books are closed the Youth Council donates any remaining money to the school district.  This year, Mr. Mike Nelson, the Director for the Levittown Youth Council (pictured at right), presented Mr. Sean Burns, Athletic Director, with a check for over $1,700  to the Island Trees School District.  This year, like other years, proved to be a "win - win" for the children, parents, and Island Trees community. The Island Trees School District would like to thank Mr. Mike Nelson and the Levittown Youth Council for their sponsorship and support of the Island Trees Summer Sports programs.

Mr. Sean Burns

District Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics

Island Trees School District

59 Straight Lane, Levittown, NY 11756









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