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Fitness Program Makes its 2016-17 Debut in ITHS PE Classes





We all know that engaging in regular daily activity results in many health benefits such as stress relief, lower blood pressure, blood sugar control, cholesterol  level and bone density improvements, decreased body mass index, lower risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease; not to mention it's contribution to longevity...But did you know that being mindful of and accountable  for that daily activity is also a powerful motivator?  

Using a pedometer is a great way of monitoring and making oneself accountable and more aware of the basic fact that EVERY STEP COUNTS!  Island Trees High School PE students participating in the "Every Step Counts" pedometer program set daily and weekly step goals for themselves and log their progress after each class period. 

Walking is the easiest and simplest exercise you can do to add physical activity, and actual mileage covered, to your day.  You don't need to join and pay monthly fees to a gym or buy expensive exercise machines.  All you need is a decent pair of walking shoes, a pedometer, and a small shift in the way you approach tasks you do every day (ie: grocery shopping--park at the farthest available spot in the lot  or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.)  Students are encouraged to use the information and fitness concepts learned in PE and apply them to their daily lives well beyond the gymnasium!








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