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  David Wendt



The 2016 David Wendt - Precollege Program


David Wendt, a high school sophomore, spent two weeks this summer at Brown University, where he studied physics in their Precollege program.  He then spent another two weeks at Colorado State University, where he participated in a special math immersion program called "Prove It.About seventeen kids studied and completed math proofs morning through evening daily.  In their off time, the students hiked in the Rockies. 


In addition to this, David also spent a week in August at a STEM camp in Connecticut.  He performed labs on radioactivity and studied lots of math based physics. 


Lastly, David was informed of his acceptance into Columbia University's Science Honors Program that starts this fall and runs Saturdays throughout the academic year.


We congratulate David for his outstanding academic rigor over the summer!


Submitted by: Jodie Spinale High School Science Coordinator








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