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Let's Talk Self-Esteem


On Thursday, February 16th, the Beautiful Me program successfully completed its fourth workshop at the high school - this time with the eleventh grade girls!  The girls reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the workshop where they completed hands-on activities designed to build self-esteem, advocacy, confidence, and leadership skills.  Want to know more about the program?  Contact:

Melissa Modica

School Psychologist


(516) 520-2143 or visit http://hancefamilyfoundation.org/beautiful-me/.


Thank you to all who consistently make it possible for us to run this program and invest in our girls especially:

-The Hance Family Foundation for bringing this wonderful program to our school free of charge 

-Mr. Villone and the custodial crew for helping to set-up and break down the event

-The PTA for providing the girls with a delicious bagel breakfast 

-The following teachers who worked with our girls during the workshop, providing them with the tools and skills to empower themselves and others:

Mrs. Marlene Camisa

Mrs. Cheryl Cohen

Mrs. Maria Federico

Mrs. Ryan Gorman

Mrs. Marie Gross

Ms. Pamela Hostetter

Mrs. Katie Kilfoil

Mrs. Hannah Klein

Mrs. Dana Lehnert

Mrs. Lauren Marino

Mrs. Christina Moore

Mrs. Christine Primrose

Mrs. Christine Renzulli

Mrs. Deborah Sullivan

Ms. Nicolle Tursnovic

Ms. Angelica Wroblewski









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