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Top Ten Win for Island Trees High School Science Olympiad


Island Trees High School brought a team of students to Wantagh High School to compete at the Science Olympiad competition Saturday, February 4, 2017.  Our students cross-trained in a variety of events using many different skills.  Every year the events are rotated to reflect the changing nature of science disciplines in chemistry, physics, geology, earth science, genetics, anatomy, mechanical engineering and technology.  Emphasis is placed on hands-on group participation.  Teamwork is essential to this competition which is also a required skill set in most scientific careers today.  Our students worked with different teachers to achieve success in each event.  It was not uncommon to see our science teachers working late hours after school getting the team ready to be successful at this competition.  Overall, we won 10th place against 44 other competing districts missing the nationals by only a few points.  Island Trees won 9 medals in the 19 events at Science Olympiad!  We are very proud of our team!  Here is a list of our team members: Alexa Vero, Andrew Bacotti,  Anthony Galvez, Awais Zafar,  Brienna Carter, Chris Ricca,  David Wendt, Ethan Garcia, Juanke Wu, Justin Zhang, Kenneth Chan, Kirsten Krick, Ryan Talbot,  Sharjeel Shaikh, Sheryl Lin, Taha Birben, Yoonho Choi,  Timothy Maines, and  John Bellisio. 

Check out our site for more pictures: http://jspinale.wixsite.com/research/competition-pictures-2








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