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Brain Bee Competition at Hofstra Northwell Medical School

On February 4th, three top senior students competed to Hofstra's first annual Brain Bee at the Northwell Medical School. Fighting for a spot in the national competition, Navleen Singh, Elizabeth Mullin, and Domenique Masi went against thirty other students from Long Island in two rounds of examinations. One part of the competition was in the laboratory where the students were able to see and touch actual human specimens that were generously donated to Hofstra's Northwell School of Medicine. Current medical students, psychologists, and professors taught topics beyond the books as the students rotated through eight 10 minute stations. They were then tested in a lab practical to see what they could remember. Even though they will not be eligible to compete next year, they hope that their experience will help another group of underclassmen win the top spot next year!

Here is what they had to say about their experience:

"At first, we were all really hesitant about touching a real spinal cord, but one of the Medical students reminded us that we might never have the chance to do it again, so we did" said Dominique Masi.

According to Dominique, "The whole lab experience was actually really cool (they literally kept the room at 60 degrees) even though we were a bit overwhelmed by all the information we were getting. We definitely wished that we could've stayed a little longer. "

Elizabeth Mullin said "The brain bee was an extremely rewarding experience. Being able to hold an actual human brain was a truly humbling, once in a lifetime experience."

Navleen Singh stated "It was a brain-chilling experience as we got to touch a human brain and the spinal cord all while learning so much about the human body!"

Submitted by: Jodie Spinale

High School Science Coordinator






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