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Island Trees Goes Nuclear at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

On January 17th, several of our chemistry and physics students had the opportunity to visit the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab in New Jersey. The students attended a small lecture given by researchers at the lab, and were then given a tour around the facility. We learned all about fusion energy and the fusion reactor they have on site, including the control room where they watch the experiments happen live. On the tour, we learned about the history of fusion energy and how far it has come thanks to the research of many physicists. The tour then brought us to the facility where they actually house the fusion reactor, and they allowed the students to go in (with hard hats for safety, of course) and get a look at the reactor itself. The tour concluded with an opportunity for students to explore different experiments that they are working with on site and ask the presenters questions. The trip has certainly sparked interest in fusion energy in our science students. It was a great experience for all!

A special thanks to Mr. Manna who arranged this amazing trip!

Check out more photos at: http://jspinale.wixsite.com/sciencedept/science-field-trips

Submitted by: Jodie Spinale

High School Coordinator


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