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5th Graders at ITMMS visit Commerce Plaza


On Wednesday 1/18, Thursday 1/19 and Friday 1/20, 5th grade students at ITMMS visited Commerce Plaza in Levittown, to participate in a hands-on business simulation field trip.  Students prepared in class for several weeks leading up to the trip learning important skills necessary to run their business or perform their jobs for the day. When they arrived at the field trip, they had the opportunity to play out various business roles which brought Commerce Plaza to life. With the support of local businesses, like Hofstra University and United Way of Long Island, students chose from a variety of industries ranging from banking, news media to public service.  Following the trip, the students did an amazing job showcasing all that they learned and highlighting their wonderful experiences.  Thank you to the 5th grade teachers and our staff for preparing our students, and accompanying them on this exciting and engaging field trip! 

ISLAND TREES U.F.S.D. | 74 Farmedge Road | Levittown | NY | 11756