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Technology Training Partnership with Nassau BOCES


Over the past couple of months, BOCES has been training our district's turnkey team, comprised of teachers from all four buildings. Jim Conklin, our instructional technology staff developer, has been planning with Melissa Zakalik, BOCES Model Schools trainer, to tailor workshops to meet our district's technology needs.


Our enthusiastic turnkey staff includes the following technology leaders: Marie Fitzgerald, Christine Jochade, Angel Mitchell, Tracy Ingenito, Christina Pesiri, Lindsay Cain, Dan Cava, Kelly Chios, Tamara Barfield, Laura Simonelli, Lauren Marino, Maria Federico, and Lisa Marshall. These talented staff members have stepped up to offer small group training sessions for our colleagues at both our monthly staff development meetings and on our upcoming February 17th Conference Day. This model- teachers teaching teachers- continues to be an effective way to build our already tech-savvy staff!


To date, our staff has been trained in ActivInspire, Microsoft Office 365 and various digital assessment tools, including Thinglink and Nearpod. Melissa also spent a day train select turnkey staff on Kahoot, Canva, WeVideo, and Quizlet; later this month, she will team with Jim Conklin to do some Google training at Stokes.


Thank you to all of the members of our turnkey team for being a part of our instructional technology initiatives. As we strive to utilize the technology we are fortunate to have at our fingertips, including Chromebooks, iPads, desktop computers, and our interactive white boards, we keep a steady focus on student engagement and 21st Century skills.


Submitted by Elizabeth Roemer, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

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