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Daniel Levin, Author, Movie Producer and Attorney Visits Island Trees High School

On December 21, 2016, Island Trees High School was honored to have Mr. Daniel Levin speak to the entire student body.  He is an author, movie producer, entrepreneur, and attorney.   To have a Golden Globe nominated film producer at Island Trees was a great opportunity for our students. .  Mr. Levin produced the film, Lion, now in theatres. You may remember that a scene from The Three Christs of Ypsilanti was filmed here at our Island Trees Memorial Middle School this past summer.   That film is due out next year.  Mr. Levin and his business partner, Max Tromba, designed a lecture that included illuminating insights and movie clips to illustrate the concepts being discussed.


Mr. Levin spoke to students about the power of story and the work that goes into choosing a story about which to write or make a film. In fact, he encouraged the students in their own writing whether it is for an assignment in English class or something more personal like a poem, book or play. He talked about how Saroo Brierley, the protagonist in the movie Lion, was able to use the algorithms he learned in high school math class to find his birth mother.  Our favorite quotes from the lecture were the following: "Just believe you can do it, it's contagious"; "Failure doesn't make you sad, not trying does."; and, "You are the hero in your own story."


Mr. Levin also spoke about his first novel, The Last Ember, an archeological crime thriller. The idea for the book came to him while he was in Israel clerking for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court when came across a case dealing with illegal excavation and theft of archaeological artifacts. Furthermore, in 2014, Mr. Levin founded Narrative Capital, an international credit facility for film and television production company where he now serves as managing partner.  After the lecture, Mr. Levin took the time to sign copies of his book and speak with students and teachers.  What an experience for Island Trees!


Thank you to Daniel Levin for inspiring our students to reach higher and to find further meaning in their studies.  Thank you also to Mrs. Siegel who made the arrangements for a wonderful lecture.




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