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The ITHS Math Department: Full "STEAM" Ahead!

Members of Mrs. Cockren's College Statistics course, Mr. Romero's College Precalculus course, and Mrs. Federico's Precalculus Advanced course researched 'hidden figures' in STEAM history and created an inspiring quilt of their accomplishments. Although these innovative individuals have made significant contributions to one of the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math), their names may not be found in traditional textbooks. To celebrate minority groups who have made a contribution in a STEAM field, students decorated a tile to highlight each figure's accomplishments. Over 70 colorful hand-made tiles were sewn together to create a large quilt measuring 18ft long by 4 ft. wide.   Many of the tiles have a QR code that the viewer can scan to learn more about these STEAM leaders. The quilt is being displayed in the mail hall of our Memorial Middle School, where the younger students are able to view the quilt during their math class and throughout the day.



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