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Fun at the Arduino Fundamentals Workshop at Forest Hills High School

On November 19, Danielle Hastings and Laura Simonelli took two students, Brienna Carter and Timmy Maggio to an Arduino Fundamentals Workshop at Forest Hills High School. The workshop was provided by Teachers in Space; a program by NASA to inspire teachers and students in space exploration. The four worked with Arduino software and sensors to build tools and write code that would allow them to measure air temperature and pressure, and to light LED's. The students even learned how to solder! Towards the end of the workshop, there was a conference call with a NASA representative who spoke about the Teachers in Space programs and the incredible opportunities they have for students. NASA provides several scholarships and internships for students pursuing a field that would lead them to space exploration. It was a great opportunity for our students and teachers, and they even got to take their Arduino kit home to share with their classes and peers. We had lots of fun learning with Arduino, and learning how it relates to several NASA programs.

Submitted by: Jodie Spinale High School Science Coordinator



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