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Dear Island Trees Community,


On Tuesday, January 3, 2017, the students at Memorial Middle School participated in the prestigious History Bee Competition. All students competed in the first round of the event in their social studies classes. Students with the top ten school-wide scores qualified for the semi-final round which took place on Wednesday, January 4, 2017. At the conclusion of the last round, three students qualified as finalists:


  •       Nicholas Isaacs (7th grade)
  •       Giovanni Losquadro (7th grade)
  •       Michael Mazzallo (8th grade)


During the next round, the three students took an online test which will be graded by the History Bee administrators.  A select number of students in the region will qualify for the local competition.  Winners from the local competition will qualify for the national contest.  Congratulations to our students for their outstanding participation in the History Bee. Thank you to the grades 5-8 social studies teachers for coordinating this worthwhile and rewarding event.


Featured in the photo (from left to right): Nicholas Isaacs, Michael Mazzallo, and Giovanni Losquadro.



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