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The Friends of the Environment "Spruce -Up"

the Island Trees Memorial Middle School

On December 1st The Friends of the Environment Club achieved one of its long term goals despite chilly winds and cold temperatures. As a result of the "treemendous" effort put forth by the students that have been and that are currently part of The Friends of the Environment Club, the ITMMS grounds were enhanced with the planting of a blue spruce tree.

"The Nickels for Nature" program that we spearheaded a few years ago enabled us to raise funds for this project. Students collected, recycled, and redeemed 7,000 water bottles over the course of the past 2 years.

    The spruce tree represents the first phase of project that we have envisioned for the front of our school - "The Greenkill Garden".  At the heart of the Greenkill Environmental Education Center is a majestic blue spruce that grows and thrives through the seasons.  The planting of the blue spruce tree not only serves as a reminder of the experience that so many Island Trees students will cherish for a lifetime, but also symbolizes the perseverance, determination, and resourcefulness of our highly motivated students.

Brian Flynn

6th Grade Teacher

Island Trees Memorial Middle School




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