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ITMMS Spelling Bee


The ITMMS school-wide spelling bee was held on December 16th. Classroom winners from grades 5-8 competed in the bee. After more than 30 rounds, two students had exhausted the list of 450 studied words, including the final two words "hors de combat" and "netsuke." In order to finally determine a winner, spelling bee coordinators Debbie Villano and Rebecca Benjamin had to move on to the list of words that were not made available in advance.
Finally, 7th grader Enayah Khan was able to spell the final competition word "intestate" and the follow-up championship word "Victrola" to become the victor. The runner up, 6th grader James Karras, did an excellent job throughout the entire bee; he was a fantastic opponent and great sport. Enayah will move on to the regional bee at Hofstra in February.
Congratulations to all who participated!

- Rebecca Benjamin and Debbie Villano



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