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On Friday December 9th, Stokes School welcomed back a former student Jodie Robertson. Jodie is currently a music teacher in the Herricks School District and is also the race director for "Girls on the Run."   Several of our Stokes 3rd grade girls participate in this after school program run by parent volunteers.

Jodie Robertson is also a professional triathlete. She came to Stokes School to share her story of what is involved in becoming a professional athlete. The third grade students were taught about how Jodie trains and how each daily 5 hour training session operates. The students were also shown all the necessary equipment used to compete in a triathlon, how each piece of equipment is different and how it is necessary to Jodie's success. Jodie Robertson competes professionally in full triathlons, which means each race consists of biking 112 miles, swimming 2.4 miles, and running 26.2 miles. The average professional finishes in 11-14 hours, though Jodie's performance places her in the 9-10 hour finish time.

The assembly ended with a question and answer session from our students. Jodie's work ethic, commitment and goal setting were amazing examples for all the Stokes students to see.





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