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Island Trees High School Drama Presents "The Crucible"



Island Trees High School drama students, under the direction of Drama Director Mrs. Leiann McGrory, and Assistant Drama Director Ms. Shaylyn Stehl performed "The Crucible" by playwright Arthur Miller recently.  "The Crucible" is a play that depicts the Salem Witch Trials that took place in Salem, Massachusetts from 1692-1693.

Over 160 people were accused of witchcraft during this time period. All of the talented drama students displayed their incredible dramatic acting skills during the riveting scenes that captured the intensity of the time.  A big thank you goes to Mr. Harry Villone for his help with set design, and Mr. J. Peter Hansen for sound engineering.  Congratulations to the directors for their outstanding work with the students and congratulations to the incredible cast and stage crew for a performance well done!   


Submitted by: Susan Oliveto, Music Department Chairperson



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