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Live and Dynamic: Mrs. Hatz's Classes Bring Biome Research to LIfe!


Mrs. Hatz's 6th grade science classes brought blended learning to a new level of engagement, efficiency, and collaboration with their recent Biome research project. After being placed in groups, students were charged with the task of researching the various aspects of plant life, animal life, plant/animal adaptations, location, climate, and other facts in an array of biomes, including the tundra, desert, grasslands, tropical rain forest, coniferous forest, and deciduous forest. Using a graphic organizer (hard copy), students then "filled in the boxes" with their research-based findings. With the help of Mrs. Lauber, ITMMS librarian, students were provided with high-quality research materials for their fact-finding challenge, including databases and books.


After consulting with their groups to ensure that their information was accurate and complete, students collaborated on one shared document created on Google Docs (displayed on the Promethean Board), filling in their facts independently (color-coded) using their Chromebooks. When necessary, students circulated the room, consulting with their groups to verify information.


Creating the shared document was simple, according to Mrs. Hatz: "I created a Google Doc, inserted a table, and color-coded the boxes so that each group could readily identify its own place in the document."


Within one half an hour, the class had created a shared document with 36 boxes full of facts for the whole class to review and use in their learning- a true team effort! The next step includes creating a biome brochure, complete with the facts and graphics.


What a wonderful way to engage students in a successful blended learning experience! Hats off to Mrs. Hatz and her students for their live and dynamic efforts!!!


Submitted by Elizabeth Roemer, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

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