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Two leaders of the Island Trees High School Brave club, seniors Rachel Caffrey and Brienna Carter, attended the 2016 Girls Speak Out Summit on October 11th at the United Nations in New York City.  The summit exists to bring attention to the struggles of girls throughout the world. The students were educated on the lives of marginalized girls and inspired by the words of girls in politics. Several leadership organizations such as the Alice Paul Institute and Girls Learn International were in attendance to highlight all of the positive changes that can occur when we all band together for a common cause. The students were also able to hear government officials from Peru, Canada and Turkey speak to the struggles in their own countries and how empowered girls are working tirelessly to improve lives across the globe. Rachel and Brienna returned to school motivated and inspired by all of the words they heard at the United Nations and they were reminded that "One girl with courage is a revolution."


A special thanks goes out to Meghan Davis, IT Class of 2007, for continuing to provide our students with amazing and life-changing opportunities through her organization, Brave.  We are honored that she chose our schools-both our High school and Middle school-for this wonderful program.


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