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14th Annual Emerging Leaders Business Competition held at St. Joseph's College


Island Trees High School business students attended the 14th Annual Emerging Leaders Business Competition held at St. Joseph's College.  The event; coordinated by the Huntington Chamber of Commerce gathered over 300 students from 18 high schools across Long Island to compete in various business presentation categories.  



The Bulldogs sent 17 students to compete in the event.  They include the following students in the following categories.

Danielle Lardi     Entertainment Marketing Team 1
Zahal Saljooki     Entertainment Marketing Team 1
Elizabeth Mullin                Entertainment Marketing Team 2
Bianca Marinelli Entertainment Marketing Team 2
Michael Messina              Entrepreneurship Team 
Angelo Esposito                Entrepreneurship Team 
Jayne Chen                 Graphic Design Team 
Brienna Carter   Human Resources Team 
Rachel Caffrey   Human Resources Team 
Navleen Singh   Not-for-profit Team 
Aamina Mokhtar              Not-for-profit Team
Jatinder Singh    Public Relations Team 
Jason Gonzalez Public Relations Team 
Gabriella Lambertucci    Retail Marketing Team 
Tiana Espada      Retail Marketing Team 
John Rottkamp Sports Marketing Team 
Sharjeel Shaikh Sports Marketing Team 


The Bulldogs manage to have an incredible day bringing home (4) 1st Place Awards and (2) 2nd Place Awards. This was the first time a team from Island Trees High School has competed in such an event.  

1st Place -Danielle Lardi  and Zahal Saljooki           (Entertainment Marketing)
1st Place -Navleen Singh and Aamina Mokhtar   (Not-for-profit )
1st Place -Brienna Carter and Rachel Caffrey       (Human Resources )
1st Place -Jayne Chen (Graphic Design)
2nd Place - Jatinder Singh and Jason Gonzalez  (Public Relations)
2nd Place - Gabriella Lambertucci and
                 Tiana Espada         
(Retail Marketing)



The future looks promising with our Island Trees High School Business Students emerging as leaders of tomorrow.


Great job!

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