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On Wednesday, November 9th, guest speakers from LI TRIO visited Mr. Bonsignore's health classes at Island Trees High School.  LI TRIO is a non-profit, volunteer program with a mission statement of "being committed to improving the quality of lives touched by the miracle of transplantation through education, support, advocacy and organ/transplantation awareness."


LI TRIO, led by Jeff Fenn, has been visiting health classes the past few years.  The purpose of their talks is to make students aware of what organ donation is, how it helps other people, and also makes them understand myths surrounding organ donation.  Along with an information handout, Jeff and his speakers provide each student with awareness bracelets and give out pens and small backpacks to those students who answer questions during their talks.  Each guest speaker also shares their personal story of how organ donation has helped their lives and the people around them. 


Mike Bonsignore- HS Health


ISLAND TREES U.F.S.D. | 74 Farmedge Road | Levittown | NY | 11756